Patient Story #3 - Hitesh Dhawan

Patient Story #3 - Hitesh Dhawan

My name is Dhawan, and as a filmmaker, writer, and former engineer from India, I've always believed in the power of stories, but never imagined I'd live through one so challenging. It all began in January 2022 when severe stomach pain became a constant in my life. Despite medications and an attempt to maintain normalcy by attending weddings, dating, and planning films, the pain persisted. I turned to homeopathy, hoping for relief, but my symptoms only worsened, introducing morning sickness, fatigue, and a diagnosis of Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux.

While focusing on my film, my health deteriorated rapidly. I collapsed on set one day, unable to breathe, an episode that led to an emergency rush to the hospital. The diagnosis was grave: plural effusion, kidney abnormalities, and accelerated hypertension, culminating in end-stage kidney failure. This crisis stripped me of my kidneys, financial stability, relationship, job, and initially, my zest for life. Over these two years, I've been on a rollercoaster of regular dialysis and exploring over fifteen different therapies in search of a cure, including undergoing three significant procedures to support the dialysis process. The hunt for a compatible kidney donor has been daunting, especially with my O+ve blood group in India, where misconceptions and misinformation about kidney disease treatment abound.  I remain hopeful for a transplant, dreaming of a future where bio-artificial kidneys are a thing.

This journey forced me to confront the importance of stress management and self-care, leading me to embrace yoga, meditation, and tarot readings. Despite the setbacks and the continuous battle with kidney disease, I've managed to complete my film and even publish a book. I've come to see life as a movie, where I am the director determined to make it a blockbuster. I now stand, facing uncertainties with gratitude and self-love, advocating for holistic well-being and navigating the complexities of kidney disease treatment. My story is one of resilience, hope, and the belief that even in the darkest times, there's a possibility for a brighter tomorrow.

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